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Avian Specialty

Dr. Molnar has a special interest and is board certified in avian medicine.

Individual Care

No two pets are the same. That’s why we believe in individualized veterinary care.

Exotic Pet Care

From exotic pets to farm animals, we really do mean it when we say all animals.

About us

All Animals Veterinary Hospital

Our specialty? Avian and Exotic Pet Veterinary Medicine.

Serving compassionate care for specialty and exotic pets within the Calabasas and Greater Los Angeles area. We provide veterinary medical care for ALL ANIMALS — from dogs and cats, to birds, reptiles, farm animals, and more. You name it, Dr. Molnar has probably had one as a patient.

Our Services

Avian specialty

Surgery & Anesthesia


Exotic Animal

Comprehensive Dentistry

Laser Therapy

DNA Testing

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