Boarding at All Animals Veterinary Hospital

Home away from Home

Did you know that in addition to our animal health services, ALL ANIMALS Veterinary Hospital also provides exclusive boarding for dogs, cats, birds, and exotic animals?

If you’re looking for a safe, secure, and friendly boarding facility in Calabasas, look no further than All Animals Veterinary Hospital.

We are pleased to provide you the ease of mind and comfort of having your pet vacation with us while you are away. Whether it’s for daycare or an extended stay, when you leave your dog, cat, bird, livestock, reptile, rodent, fish or spider with us, you can be confident that your pet is in good hands with expert caretakers here at our boarding facility. We understand that when you are away you want the best care for your pet including: exercise, nutrition, and personal attention. We are meticulous about their medications, their food sensitivities, and their play habits.

Your pet will be monitored for appetite, urine/fecal output, and behavior while staying with us. Dr. Molnar is updated daily on the status of your pet during its stay. Your pets will be safe and you will have peace of mind knowing that Dr. Molnar will personally check on them.

All animals have human interaction at least twice per day (morning and evenings), are fed twice a day (unless otherwise requested), all cages/runs are cleaned twice a day, and we feed Royal Canin veterinary diet (unless otherwise requested).

Requirements to board at All Animals Veterinary Hospital

  1. Up to date on all vaccinations
  2. Free of both internal and external parasites
  3. Fully examined by a vet within the past year

This is to insure the health of both your pet and the other boarded or hospitalized patients. We encourage you to bring any specific diet, treats, toys, blankets and bedding material that you think will make your pet feel more at home.

Finally, our basic boarding fees are determined by the size of your pet and the length of their stay with us.  A receptionist will be happy to give you an estimate prior to your pet’s stay.