Attila Molnar DVM, Diplomate ABVP

Board Certified in Avian Medicine

Special Interest in Exotic Medicine

Dr. Molnar’s story:

Dr. Molnar hails from Transylvania, Romania. As a child fascinated with animals, Dr. Molnar spent much of his free time chasing after snakes and lizards as well as breeding parakeets. In 1990 he realized his dream of becoming a veterinarian, graduating from the Institute of Veterinary Medicine of Budapest. Subsequently, he came to the United States and earned his veterinary degree from the University of Iowa. Since then, Dr. Molnar has worked continuously to advance his knowledge in the veterinary sciences, developing an interest in small animal internal medicine, special interests in exotic medicine and later expanding his skills to pursue and achieve board certification in avian medicine.

Dr. Molnar is above all passionate about animals, to which any friend or client can attest, with a lifelong goal of helping to protect threatened avian species in North America and abroad. In order to realize this goal, Dr. Molnar is involved in various conservation efforts, including those related to the Lear’s Macaw, California Condor, and New Zealand Kea and Kakapo.

In his rare free time, Dr. Molnar enjoys travel, photography, Brazilian jiu-jitsu and world politics. He shares his home with his son A.J. and a small herd of animals including snakes, birds, lizards, turtles, dogs, and his red male beta-fish named Paprika.